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Return on Assets(ROA) (%)


Return on Equity(ROE) (%)
Net Profit Margin 16.65%
Net Profit 451.02 M. Baht
lastest Data : 31 ธันวาคม 2561

Chairman's Statement

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Dear all shareholders,


Since its establishment, Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited has been a real estate development company for 17 years. Dedicated to all the strength In order to create a good quality dream house in which all projects are carefully planned every step to create and deliver products Good quality service coupled with sustainable environmental and social care, even in 2018, revenue recognition will not meet the target. But we have never discouraged Still aiming to run the business in 2019 to be in line with the company's goals, that is, continue to expand the business. Both the number of projects and the size of the project And based on the needs of residents and investors


In the year 2018, the company had revenue from real estate sales of 2,680.99 million baht, an increase from 2017, equal to 1,366.58 or 103.97 percent, which was the result of the Rich Park @ Triple Station project. Am Completed, transferred ownership and can be recognized in 2018


For other developments in the past year of the Company and its subsidiaries are as follows:

1. Increase registered capital from the original 1,289,363,596 baht to 1,381,460,996 baht, which is a paid-up capital of 1,044,859,438 baht to support the stock dividend and to support the right adjustment of the warrants RICHY-W1 and RICHY-W2

2. Launching the project "The Rich Rama 9 - Srinakarin Triple Station "is a mix of condominiums. 32-storey condominium worth about 1,700 million baht

3. Increase the subsidiary's registered capital From the original registered capital of 1,000,000 baht to 31,000,000 baht



As a director of Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited, I would like to thank the shareholders, financial institutions, media, business partners. And related government agencies Helping Has always supported the company in all aspects And would like to thank the Board of Directors, executives, and all employees for working together Which will result in us becoming more successful in the future


Sincerely yours,

Mr.Pranai Suwanrath


Dear all shareholders,


Year 2018, the total revenue increased from 2017, equal to 1,381.52 million baht or 104.10 percent increase, resulting from the increase in revenue from real estate sales of 1,366.58 million baht or increased to 103.97% compared to the previous year Net profit was 451.03 million baht, equivalent to 16.65 percent of total revenue, with net profit increasing from 2017, which was the result of revenue recognition from Rich Park @ Triple Station project. Is a project with a high percentage of revenue recognition within 2018, or 71.04 percent of the total revenue from real estate sales


Year 2018 marks the year that Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited (RICHY) has advanced to the next level of organizational development. For continued growth based on a strong business foundation for the past year, the overall real estate market has slowed. And with higher competition at the same time, real estate developers are accelerating to find potential locations near the BTS line. Which has a very high cost of land prices as well with continuous development of working styles with innovative and new technologies in the organization


Richy Place 2002 Public Company Limited has been partially affected by the sluggish economy. But the company continues to do the duty of the real estate developer continuously indefinitely. While still focusing on finding potential locations along the BTS line Which is the highlight of RICHY. The company plans to launch a new project on a location near the BTS line and the city location, as well as making a marketing plan to publicize the corporate image. For the general public to know more about RICHY


On behalf of the Chief Executive Officer Thank you to all honorable people. That always supports the business of the company I and the staff will take care of our business. Full capacity, ability and honesty In order for the company to progress continuously and sustainably



Sincerely Yours,

Dr.Apa Ataboonwongse

Vice President and Chairman of the Board



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